02 April 2016

Guard Dog

Well, so much for the idea that ‘guard dog’ would 
welcome a morning walk, he doesn’t usually balk 
regardless of weather, but today he came only as 
far as the incinerator bin, peed copiously & slunk 
away again - patio shade more to his need; but it 
is a warmish Saturday, he’d been early on th’ job 
busy coping with threats of fleas plus those quite 
niggly itchy-scratchy patches he attends to with

Diligence, or uses as excuses when he’s not too 
sure what th’ drum is; but this demonstration’s a 
clear indication he’s not into taking a stroll, even 
if there’s no hint of thunder - and when he parks 
under the bed in the study there is no reasoning 
with him - without an offering of food, indeed. 
© 5 December 2015, I. D. Carswell