11 April 2016

Sanguinely Dressed

One needs wonder whether sanguinely dressed 
anxiety’s product of stress you haven’t cottoned 
onto yet, you know those subtle hints that lurk in 
pockets of shade like clandestine exhalations of 
fresh wind; made acquaintance - sort of - meant 
to make note, didn’t, left without evident tension 
beyond baited breath; now a question of who & 
what’s meant by this enigmatic vagary blinks 

& while you’re occupied about it thinking time’s 
inexorable passage glides; suddenly it’s Xmas - 
what, already! Again’s th’ right reply; one whole 
year’s been precipitate by an uplinking of those 
vague memories to precincts of Heaven’s gates - 
so we can say we’ve found reason & meaning 
© 21 December 2015, I. D. Carswell