13 April 2016

Week’s Beginning

Monday again - altho’ it doesn’t seem anything 
like the brazen crash of another working week; 
hearing sounds of civilisation - tho’ few and far 
between petulantly droning on the Creek road, 
best left navigating in interval’s silence until th’
next rushing roar manifests & then shelving its 
easily conceded urgency to be somewhere as 
their aberrancy - the one we’ve erased 

Yes, we’re getting there - still waking too early, 
like conscience-driven to heed sunrise; it isn’t 
as if we’d miss anything by being asleep - yet 
the urge within rests deep - assuring us we’re 
where we want to be, and not out toiling upon 
th’ tar-track to another week’s obligations
© 14 December 2015, I. D. Carswell