10 June 2016

A Tragicomedy

If its religious ideal dines on power structures 
derived from the way events panned out near 
1,400 years ago, then what’s our hope it’ll be 
fair resolution for today; its proponents ignore 
history as the poison’s cause, saying - there’s 
pure belief only - and the infidel - who may be 
slain if he is unconvertible - astonishing in it’s 
clarity isn’t it; that’s how the Koran reads in 

Doctrinally adhering to chosen ‘original’ texts 
with vague authenticity - there’s more’n a few 
of ‘em; a fundamentalism categorically failing 
litmus tests of relevance, & evidence’s legion, 
it's best a fallacy that wouldn’t even rise as a 
tragicomedy - unless you’re in it on-stage - 

like a trial for 20% of the World’s population 
© 8 December 2015, I. D. Carswell