11 June 2016

Ice-man Theme

There is some sense in cleaning th’ fridge un-
assisted; it means when th’ job’s finished you 
will’ve rediscovered forgotten things no-body 
hankers after anymore; ‘tho no-longer a taste 
of-the-day, they’re yours to exploit in any way 
you deem a fair reward; but hosting the other 
side of the coin usually reveals a collection of 
past-use-by-date items to throw away 

And then there’s the Ice-man theme where a 
judicious use of the kettle will usually settle & 
remove the ‘frozen sheet accumulation’ which 
refuses to let th’ shelves be lifted or moved; & 
as long as you clean the floor afterwards you 
are a hero - who’s scored a bounty to revel in 
© 28 December 2015, I. D. Carswell