09 June 2016

Poppa Naps

I agree, these afternoon naps would be a whole lot 
easier if we didn’t routinely awaken about 3:30 to 4 
am; they’re physically too reticent as well as having 
demanding limitations to staying alert - you have to
yawn your head off or be cursed with inabilities that 
won’t check unfocussed wandering attention spans; 
its like being contained in a tuna can belatedly, way 
after the meal and its grand parade has ended 

That sense of bewilderment cements a classic loss 
of appetite or invents it; you’re halfway somewhere 
you can’t ever remember having been - or else are 
on the way back again - not even sure where back 
is to, tho’ maybe it seems less a case of doggerel - 
and there’s a clue for the singular few favoured 

If you’d slept in until dawn breaks, you’d easily lift 
this contumacious veil of the beast’s dissonance  
© 19 December 2015, I. D. Carswell