03 June 2016


Like living in a time-warp isn’t it, not that I’ve had 
any experience; & despite accusations you have 
the authorship to, we’re probably closer to where 
it is our form of reality. Tho not what you’re about 
to express as your going view, you know it either 
as a truth only you’ve room for, or you’ve had its 
evidence conveniently disappear; yes, - I’m able 
to hear you without an internecine interrogation 

But I won’t play a role where your expectation’s 
define guilt-feeling I am supposed to suffer from 
in an undefined future; or is it somehow a time-
distorted mime of past-life - confused a wee bit 
with now; maybe there’s enough irony in this to 
keep us both amused & plagiarise comfortably 
© 2 January 2016, I. D. Carswell