04 June 2016

Eye For An Eye

Why should we be surprised when they behead 
a manic supporter of Islamic State - his clerical 
rantings incited brutal acts they’ve perpetuated, 
as much against muslims as infidels; & thus we 
begin to dread a learned Shiite or Sunni cleric’s 
freedom to incite jihadis with impunity bought of 
a tainted-sacred-laws view cleric Nimr al-Nimra 
abused too frequently to be allowed immunity 

Saudi Arabia has begun the chase but will wear 
dyspeptic states of confusion; beheadings don’t 
equate to tension-reducing infusions though, as 
statement of intent, there is no mistaking a now 
material advent in their part of the Muslim world 
that ISIS doesn’t have a modicum of propriety 

© 4 January 2016, I. D. Carswell