22 June 2016

Arms Reversed

Suggesting you didn’t expect it to be too hard is 
a bit like resting on your arms reversed, symbol 
perhaps of gestures ceremonial to more averse 
metaphors than this particular event; well, there 
isn’t a likelihood of courtly recognition unless its 
bent out of all proportion, this achievement’s an 
accolade in itself for sure but, success of a solo 
performance without an audience, won’t rate it 

Yet, having beaten the adversity of not knowing 
how its system functions by quick-time learning, 
we’ve ingratiated ourselves with it - and there’s 
where the hard times occur; we’ll now preserve 
this thing the way it is, as a hallowed treasure - 
maybe therefore deserving the arms reversed 
© 13 January 2016, I. D. Carswell