23 June 2016

Making Sense

While you’d like to say it is making sense there’s 
that discretionary ‘hmm’ which isn't attached to a 
concrete stanchion; okay, you defended yourself 
quite adequately, & in not tossing the book away 
made what could’ve foundered your reputation a 
safer compromise because you persisted - even 
finishing reading it, altho’ surprised at the ending 
less by its resolution than a fraying of tied ends 

Whether we’d read her again is hardly an issue - 
the ‘hmm’ wasn’t for lack of authorship, far from 
it; what irks is the way ‘science fiction’ was used 
to conceal a pretty blasé novel based around its 
central character’s very today purview of normal 
events misfeasance in a commonplace sense 
© 11 January 2016, I. D. Carswell