21 June 2016

Smarter ’n Cockies

Me mate ’n me ‘ave just ‘ad a feed of Macnuts 
we harvested - well, kinda like that’s not how it 
really happened; he went off on a ‘dog-log’ trip 
to a neighbour’s paddock, & I gathered the few 
avoiding sulphur-crested cockatoo depredation; 
its still early in the rat race so the cockies get a 
chance to snatch some greenies off the tree & 
crack the husks real easy with their beaks 

But the shell underneath is another event - it is 
quite a chore to dent one, they give up on most 
which is where Podge ’n me get a look-in, grab 
a pocketful quick ’n easy, then stroll back to the 
Hacienda to crack a few with the nut machine - 
not today’s - ones dried out weeks back; y’see 

We’re getting to be smarter than the Cockies 
© 10 January 2016, I. D. Carswell