20 June 2016

Buddleia Wars

The buddleia wars began in earnest yesterday, and 
possibly claimed the first victim in the way spelling’s 
antiquated by a ‘j’; buddleja is the genus name, that 
is after Rev Buddle supposedly - but we’ll leave it to 
purists whomever to wrangle with; our mission, - by 
fair means or foul - is to civilise this butterfly bush - 
but in exposing our reputations we’re bowed by the 
magnitude of what seemed an easy task 

She claims only five years since its last trimming, an 
entangled & intertwined fete that will endow us a no-
quarter contest, making our efforts all be considered 
rudimentary failures; there’s no way we can beat its 
intermeshed & free-range confidence into a hedge; 
so maybe a bulldozer is the easy out 

But there’s no case to answer; & we’ll crawl our way 
into the mesh with hand-wielded secateur & pruning 
shears held at the high port, cutting it frond by frond, 
then try and drag cut lengths free such as combined 
strength’ll disport, but so far it’s taught us we are all 
pretty much constrained to the losing team … 
© 29 December 2015, I. D. Carswell