19 June 2016

Leaving Be

Leave it alone is the immediate phrase, it’s hardly 
an issue; there’s better use for an interregnum - if 
your dignity’s at stake, a runny nose will need the 
tissue you’d otherwise demonstrably waste; okay, 
what’s less likely to be pique and more the nod in 
agreement altho’ you don’t agree; unless we’d all 
be equally discontent invective’s flow rarely leads 
to what we might see a consensual harmony. No 

Free-ranging or unseemly diatribe’s effects would 
change that status quo - not in ways likely to be a 
beneficial influence on events; so in eyes moreso 
focussed to see future-concentric corollaries we’ll 
nod wisely like we wholeheartedly agree of steps 
we’re about to egregiously fake 
© 26 December 2015, I. D. Carswell