14 June 2016

Cameos Parodied

It’s pyre was a funereal consequence beyond 
a mien of pomp and circumstance, the heat a 
more-evident-than-trite expression of regret & 
acceptably redressing a merely routine event; 
discovery of the rat’s corpse, & rank as it was,  
snuggled in amongst the cupboard’s ‘curtains 
and suchlike’ bottom shelf - dignified in death, 
showing no signs of suffering or stress 

All those affectations were cameos parodied - 
first, in behaviours seeking a potential source 
of its stench, unmistakably identified as rattus 
rattus, then in every action since to cleanse & 
rid and retrench tragedy by blending an all-in 
apothecary essence to bring back the peace 
© 22 January 2016, I. D. Carswell