13 June 2016


If we’re supposed to be past the age of indulging 
in connubiality already - then who’s dreaming - & 
where’s the evidence; doesn’t seem any bits are 
failing expectations of functionality; expressing a 
mildly different perspective perhaps: undaunted, 
its motivation clears the air as equally as a flush 
of adrenalin bares our souls’ mutuality - not raw 
and urgent as it was but compellingly still there 

That may be the only answer needed; orgasmic 
relief graphically says more than erudite word’s 
express properly - yet gradual abatement in our 
anguished breathing wrests grand surrender to 
harmonies ever weaving togetherness; its here, 
and as the only rite each we’ll need to concede 
© 5 January 2016, I. D. Carswell