15 June 2016


My idea of a well-considered Xmas present is a 
set of Bonds® undies; hah, you’ll jest, that gets 
to the seat of the matter doesn’t it; well, yes, as 
a matter of fact, there’s no conjecture spared in 
guessing I’m gifting myself - & I’m trialling them 
leisurely in the manner best suited to pursuit of 
such ideals, on the spare bed & under a ceiling 
fan; its 38ยบ after-all & no sign of cooling breeze 

Actual day is a fortnight away, plenty of time to 
think it thru, consider buying another set extra, 
maybe two to make a dozen if you please - so 
who’s on a mission then you’ll concede - lying 
in y’ Bondies semi-nude’s a no-contest deluxe 
vision of sheer indolence - argument agreed 
© 10 December 2015, I. D. Carswell