07 June 2016


Okay, this’s a waste of anything we’d’ve potentially 
expected might’ve meant something - but then are 
we’re taking brain power into consideration - I now 
guess only a few expressions were relevant to our 
cognitive intelligence, where we’d expect a word’s 
correctness is inferential in subjectively deciding if 
its use refers directly to such a lack - or whether it 
is the same thing as saying - don’t be a dummy … 

First place, it wasn’t even my idea to engage in the 
discourse - amazingly that was ignored because of 
what I’d purportedly said, dummy me, seemingly in 
a case of disremembering previous debates on the 
same question; when I mumbled, precedence isn’t 
established there was a long discretionary silence; 

This lasted an eternity of deep & heavy breathing - 
She says consider that you don’t remember simply 
because you lost the argument; okay I say, maybe 
I’ll give it discrete and due consideration - that is if 
you'll congenially remind me why we were arguing 
about not remembering it in the first place 
© 6 December 2015, I. D. Carswell