06 June 2016

Learnt To Be Unchained

You explain why it works this way, creativity that 
comes easy when you’re freed desk-structure’s
early-days restrictions is clear bleed-off from the 
bruising learning-clade regime, especially where   
innovative ideas-birthing came into play; I learnt 
to be unchained, recall my word flowed streams 
pieced together pleasing conjecture and earned 
copious freedom - and as such, still does today 

So you find me comfortably where I’m Macbook 
Air in hand lying where distractions are rare and 
tendencies relax me into inimitable sleep; peace 
o’ mind reposing without depths of a conscience 
urgent to beast me being idly there first place; a 
race I’ve won already from these pillows, I say 
© 12 December 2015, I. D. Carswell