08 June 2016

Mosquito Obsessed

Success for the day was rendering a mosquito finis 
with a clap of the hands; won’t mention the number 
of attempts to decease such a persistent offender - 
it’s fair to suggest, as a tormenter, it came in at top 
of th’ tree up with those marsh flies, whose bite’s a 
raw surprise of the most disturbing kind; and yet, if 
y’ let ‘em in which a chance, I mean you fail to see 
or hear the beast, you're a fair victim’s my guess 

But this mozzie was altogether’n another category, 
obsessed lunatic driven with buzzing me n’ my PC 
screen; that there’s rank insanity if you get my drift 
nothing comes ‘tween me and my writing without it 
inciting some savage in-kind reply - so rather than 
use mortein-applied repartee, we clapped th’ mitts 
© 11 December 2015, I. D. Carswell