05 June 2016

Muddle Thru

No point in being miffed by the turn of event, there’s 
never a battle plan been progressed without a glitch 
somewhere - unless you’re fighting shadows you’ve 
a heritage to - and means you’ll haven’t a clue how 
to earn considered respect that you’d reckon’s due  

Anyway there isn’t too many options to muddle thru 
in truth; given your choices are obtuse variations of 
essentially similar themes its a matter which samba
you’d bossanova to and where you will do it without 
that inherent fear you'll be ridiculed indecently 

So we’ll put our money where the mouth is & repair 
to the Bank; that should raise someone’s interest a 
bit for as long as it takes ‘em to clear their impasse; 
they cloned the mess with SMS authorisation codes 
becoming a farce in cell-phone no-reception zones 
© 7 January 2016, I. D. Carswell