12 June 2016

Outré Way

‘n so at 70 I become a critic posing the questions 
of damned ages I like ignoring anyway; hardly me 
plagiarising anecdotes, maybe adding to ‘em with 
poetic sang froid learned from literality; think that 
one thru without Google - y’ sham; & where’re we 
now the shit’s hit its fundamental origin - this isn’t 
a pretty picture is it - if you’re to leave a page that 
comes closest to where you believe you’re at, but 
rejects you, its because it doesn’t want you see a 
reality less iconic than an 80% eyesore; - safe to

say usually few’ve the age-level perspicacity, - or 
nous to work it out themselves before the rest do;
and that brings you back to me - I’m one who - at 
70, thinks you’re full of it all - while I’m less victim 
than apothecary - making the grade with soothing
words when agonies become apparent - y’all take 
a dram of th’ liquor I’ve brewed called poetry, and 
sip on it, along with th’ manifest internet bullshit it 
comes with degrading degrees of what we hope 
you see the least original outré way of saying it 
© 7 January 2016, I. D. Carswell