18 June 2016

Vote of Thanks

It’s the day after Boxing Day, we did the lazy, lie-
in Sunday bit, rose and walked the track with her 
Grace; it was a pleasant surprise she deigned to 
accompany us, her affability usually ends with an
apple or carrot at the Hill gate, although today it’s 
clear she’d formulated a plan to amble alongside 
her human friends in equine equilibrium’s spirit of 
Christmas cheer - there’s no denying her savvy 

So by her cordiality we’re agreeably elevated; we 
see it as a ‘gift-in-kind’ reward for amiability we’ve 
never concealed and nor has she - it is where the 
unspoken agreement’s acknowledged to rest with 
materiality that doesn’t need graphic stance to be 
meaningful - except in her vote of thanks 
© 27 December 2015, I. D. Carswell