24 June 2016


If I supposedly know because of the signs - then 
I’ve failed; what I can tell you is th’ scene in front 
of me presents little but subtlety with the biggest 
Hunting Spider I’ve seen since a last nudger; an 
oxymoron perhaps - it’s just there on the ceiling - 
upside down as an evidential matter of fact, and 
a formal reinterpretation of what’s up really - but 
not, fortunately, down here with bed-cringing me 

What’s oxymoronic is that it’s not upside down in 
reality, its feet are where they’re needed be, and 
securely attached to the surface, whose vertices 
and planar expressions match the spider’s view; 
the sign-reader - me, has to extract himself from 
a bed’s uni-linearity and climb walls to agree 

Without falling out of sync, & I’ll add, reluctantly 
© 8 January 2016, I. D. Carswell