25 June 2016

Where We’re At

Taking the rat race a bit further than the breadth 
of your face is lunacy; even learning words you 
could try to use properly are dreams composed 
in a rational niche freed of scampering beasties 
more intent on delivering turds than reason; but 
we’re used to it apparently and see no anomaly 
other than why bothering in the first place; it’s a 
race not to where we’re going - but have been 

And so dwelling in a past tense releases angst, 
if you believe gurus who’re floating in the sea’s 
enlightenment no-one’s got buoyancy in unless 
they created it as life-jackets matched to words 
they profess are the tools we need to use to be 
able to see where we’re already at anyway 
© 9 January 2016, I. D. Carswell