16 June 2016

Rumblings With Intent

We’re not out of it yet; an electrical storm has the 
eminence - as its cell draws nearer we are again
entertained by ‘suggestive’ rumblings with intent 
and lightening flashes as it grows in timbre - tho’ 
this time containing a dressing of rain; and now
bedtime’s at hand - for sure this isn’t grandiose 
preparation for the rest you’re finding less easy 
to ingress in air countrified by the said storm  

& yet the elements evidently rationalised that this 
isn’t necessarily a precursor to what remains; the 
already featured evening’s resounding overtures
are at rest, elemental silence descends in a weft 
of darkness; its time to negotiate a plea in which 
preparation for sleep is to be blessed decently 
© 10 December 2015, I. D. Carswell