17 June 2016

What Matters

Sure, I know where we live in this material world 
& the joke’s this, we’ll come back to it, rest easy; 
there’s no consequential evidence other than us 

which must upset the godly set - who’ve avowed 
it’s someone else’s problem, because they didn’t 
reject an objective they’d insist made only belief 

rational; that is a hard one - we didn’t collectively 
create that idea, but a few persuaded some who 
accuse our sense of belonging if we don’t agree, 

and I won’t because an amalgam of what I am’s 
experiences relevant to what matters to me and 
you will forget your after-the-fact predilectioning, 

seriously; be assured - I‘m writing poetry as the 
someone who gives a shit about belonging too - 
but not necessarily to what you think matters … 
© 16 December 2015, I. D. Carswell