01 July 2016

Of Being A Part

Forgetting that it isn’t the real reason for feeling 
less than a part, you’re back where being even 
considered an element meant something you’d 
have mortgaged your soul for - if you’d found it 
negotiable, but you’re now here where that’s a 
non sequitur; arguments you’re worth anything 
don’t take much space, creating emptiness too 
tangibly indifferent to real solidities of sense 

So its just a memory - like you only exist if you  
miss starting to think of it - and even if for your 
only instance - there’s no need for a presence 
to prove redundancy; and ideas of being more 
mythology carting requirements than vacancy, 
its a state more amenable than being a part 
© 26 January 2016, I. D. Carswell