14 July 2016

I’s In We

There’s no mistaking a slavishly articulated only 
me matters motif - you’d walk a mile in bare feet 
on the hot rocks of rectitude by transgressing 

so don’t play fancy-free games; daunting as it is, 
its safer to be circumspect, there’s an answer in 
reflection for just about every that matters - like 

whining to the foot-shuffle & heart-beat clique’s 
hardly an event as serious as the ‘street’ where 
intent influences who becomes what - as much 

as its no biggie, they’ll tell you being there is; if 
you can make amends by recognising their we 
are the scene without hysterics you’ll chance a 

a mention - possibly encores intending to wipe 
the slate clean where you had dispassionately 
disagreed with their only me matters - saying 

how many I’s are in We
© 5 February 2016, I. D. Carswell