27 July 2016

Better Way

And is there a better way to spend a rainy Sunday; 
let me guess - you’re not into raising yourself from 
your warmish bed at 2 am, watching Round Three 
Super Rugby live never appealed as much as that 
chance to lie-in wrests any guilt feeling because a 
state of the art recording system captures footage 
of the purest quality; but we got up anyway - we’re 
also aware of two 6 Nations games and day #1 of 

The Vancouver Sevens; that’s around 24 hours to 
keep us entertained. Admittedly a bit of shuteye in 
the Kings - Chiefs match robbed us of th’ first half, 
but there’s still recordings to refresh a conscience 
barely dented by massive largess; so now it’s the 
Sevens Live ’til a 3 pm commencement of Italy vs 
Ireland & then finally, yawn, - England vs Wales 
© 13 March 2016, I. D. Carswell