26 July 2016


As cathartic as it appears to have earned words 
so refreshing to the ears, there’s still actuality in 
being blasé; believe it, the reality won’t go away 
no-matter who said what - and another truth’s a 
tongue-lashing by disaffected ‘critics’ playing on 
percentage-rubrics advantages your case not a 
lot, but a whole jot more than their credibility, of 
which you’re wolfishly assured the bigger slice 

So there you situate, rather nicely placed for th’
veridicality handshake, and dissimulation that’s 
resembling an amazing blind-faith ices th’ cake; 
who’ll share a slice with me you ask genially, & 
it sparks even more indigenous praise from the 
bards getting used to warming their graves 
© 12 March 2016, I. D. Carswell