28 July 2016

Used To Be

The vainglorious migration has an inordinate end; 
it is said there’s no easy way back to where you’d 
again claim to be the same: try it and see, th’ new 
you’s changed beyond the old ways - which don’t 
recognise you anyhow, & there’s nothing to grasp 
except estranged straws - which now engender a 
plebiscite you failed playing th’ field clause, it isn’t 
nonsense you would want to live down too easy 

But pragmatism sees the horizon’s only light; it’s 
the plausible choice that you still have, and right 
or wrong - you don’t need go back to be forward 
in dealing with th’ matter - so okay, I’ll be frankly 
brief about it - & pleased to accept that my cant 
still isn’t any less than th’ humbug it used to be 
© 24 February 2016, I. D. Carswell