05 July 2016

Favourably Impressed

Let us say we were favourably impressed - this Duck 
didn’t say, get off of my patch quick or I’ll beak ya into 
pieces - far from it; the implication was Podge should 
engage with him in a bit of run and chase - & it would 
necessarily include a bit of swimming with occasional 
aerial stints thrown in just to enliven proceedings - so 
much so the barking disturbed tranquillity of a ‘magic’ 
air in the place such Podge was told to be quiet 

In the event Podge played that Duck’s game only for 
a few minutes, all uneventfully, thereafter ignoring its 
presence as if he knew a con-job in the making; try & 
fool my companions he suggests - unless you’re into 
tossing sticks I’ll fetch out of any of the creek’s pools 
you’ve professed to be your exclusive territory 

So this bewildered wood duck quietened, & watched 
quite amazed as Podge taught Georgia & I the ways 
that would keep him entertained in the quiet reaches 
of Bungo Creek … 
© 18 January 2016, I. D. Carswell