06 July 2016


If three pillows is the same as levitation then I’m 
up ‘n away, writing free; four may be claim to an 
astral agency altho usually in th’ long run gravity 
wins - and in a finished product regardless you’ll 
see little differs; its scarcely worth the balancing 
act unless tumbling from a weightless pose to a 
crumpled duvet means transition to better ways 
in composing the poetry you live & breathe by 

Apple MacBook Air balanced precariously upon 
crossed legs, bent at knees, with a foot planted 
for stability on the bed - other freed making toe 
signals seems less th’ sinecure than affectation 
of ’n idler trying to create atmosphere - without 
having to leave his damnedest comfort zone 
© 24 January 2016, I. D. Carswell