04 July 2016

Not Giving In

The idea of being unable to keep concentrating on 
the plot’s like staying awake regardless; - anyway, 
whether or not that’s the same thing, it wasn’t your 
planned activity after tea. Which essentially meant 
a state of anarchy existed; you’re doing what’s the 
least difficult under th’ circumstances, say, staying 
awake between yawns - but not giving in to utterly 
ludicrous dissonance listening to it perpetuates 

Oh, it was the final 50 Over Cricket match, versus 
India, who seemed reluctant to bash th’ game into 
a contest commentators claimed made - & like the  
expected Met storm prediction didn't come t’ roost; 
so, on waking and hearing an optimally one-sided 
anticlimax being spoofed - fell back t’ sleep again 
© 23 January 2016, I. D. Carswell