07 July 2016

Forecasting Aberrancy

If there’s an anomaly I’d guess it isn’t in the heat
that’s too easily measured to be an expression of 
aberrant prediction - there difficulties seem to be, 
more or less, bound up in who’s forecasting, and 
where they’re actually situated - the further away 
being key to greater inaccuracy; and so, if its 38º 
on the patio instead of 31º as we’re expecting, it 
blazes blue murder on what we call forecasting 

aberrancy: categorically heat doesn’t equivocate, 
in that sense it’s bent treating us all equal, so we 
have to blame the inequality on who guessed its 
parameters, and lent an element of credibility by 
publishing the damn things - & once again - well 
met - Bureau of Meteo(ineligible)ontology 
© 21 January 2016, I. D. Carswell