08 July 2016

Wineglass In Hand

Maybe I should have stayed - it would’ve been one 
wineglass less than dangerous, but it couldn’t have 
made any difference; watching actors playing roles 
stereotypically suggests at best you’ve avoided zip, 
but it’s a detective series, and even criminals have, 
need I say it, to be clich├ęd; what we’re seeing is an 
extravaganza of ‘usual’ epithets too banal to be let 
out of the bag, & remember, I said, this is a Series

So I cease, desist and leave the room wineglass in 
hand - I’m less debauched than reflective if it could 
ever matter; wine’s okay, but she who is deference 
to any weird ideas about what’s real suggests I will 
be wisely better to sleep immediately - so it’s off to 
the La La land that she has recommended 
© 14 January 2016, I. D. Carswell