13 July 2016

Heat Waves

Learning again to live rationally with the heat asks 
more than you’d planned to concede, & we’re true 
blue when the need is examined; there’s decades 
of experience, tropics in the main, where humidity 
and shade’s th’ key to being where a fan’s breeze 
works miracles, if you slow your pace and dress a 
lot less dramatically, & Versace isn’t always a key 
to feeling you’ll harmonise with these elements of 

a bygone age 200 years ago; oh, & how time flies 
when you’re standing still - well it isn’t the same & 
we know it; the past few days are out-of-character 
excerpts from faraway heat-mystery-classics we’d 
been granted as overactive figments of deranged, 
and stressed emigre’s imaginative appeal, and of 

which we’re neither - we’ve lived here most of our 
lives, so tell me why then this sweat’s still surreal 
© 1 February 2016, I. D. Carswell