12 July 2016


If you ‘ave ‘em, they’re usually the one’s who 
first disprove you’re unique - siblings I mean -  
solid proof you wouldn’t want it in differences 
anyway; and there is always the possibility of 
estrangement making an inroad - too great & 
you’ll sooner drive other routes than be seen 
on the same road; and there’s the rub, as far 
as you go, you haven’t moved an inch away 

’Tis true your uniqueness exists only in ways 
assumed by you, - if others play a hand then 
it’s theirs to own without reservation - and so 
you’re what and whomever they fit you into - 
not a pretty picture unless it’s sibling-hood’s 
decent & best memories reverently dressed 
© 19 January 2016, I. D. Carswell