11 July 2016

JRT Philosophy

It was a lesson in JRT philosophy - the Jack Russell 
view that every day’s a Saturday unless it is Sunday 
already - and then you get a holiday; so he’s asleep 
in the space he made himself at rear of ‘Maisie’, the 
Mazda 323 - whom he’s elected as his Alma Mater; 
its where he claims to be at peace, without needing 
hear voices raised, or conceive a heavy breathing’s 
call to arms means he’s required back on duty now 

So in his own way Podge makes real statements of 
a status quo only he perceives thus - and inimitably 
so, we might add, unless it is nearing decision time, 
meaning, what am I getting for Tea; - and’ve I been 
for a walk yet or did you forget again - what, you’ve 
just got back! Amazing - it must be time for a nap  
© 26 January 2016, I. D. Carswell