10 July 2016

Super XVIII Rugby

It is a trifle daunting - our old Super XV format is 
becoming too difficult. There’re more teams - we 
expected that: Sunwolves from Japan, Jaguares 
from Argentina, & South African Kings who’re the 
newbies. So its expanded and now a Super XVIII 
Rugby competition? Well no - since the draw has 
been published we’re seeing something - how do 
you put it - odd. Sunwolves don’t play Kiwi teams 

Because they’re in the Africa 1 Conference, while 
Africa 2 Conference, Jaguares, get to play some - 
as do the Africa 2 home-based teams, but where 
planners came up with their two tier Africa idea’s 
a black hole meaning we viewers don’t get see a 
Jaguares team playing on-field in Australia

The explanation may be in a two year integration, 
or a grander plan including Pacific Island nation’s 
composing teams - but right now its got me beat; 
seems the new scheme’s got to pay for itself with 
revenue producing guarantees, as well as adage 
of advancing the Rugby game; so maybe there’s 

A gem of wisdom - or a Sepp Blatter plan behind 
those scenes we’re unlikely to ever be wise to … 
© 15 January 2016, I. D. Carswell