03 July 2016

Tact And Sacrosanct

There is an infinite sense of precognition surrounding 
this workaday event; a washing machine’s chuntering 
pre-6am suggests if bed-wetting happens just once in 
an age, then today’s its day of reckoning; - but we sail 
on in cool breeze, under nearly clear skies - to places 
yet to be revealed, while she, of us contrite to a word, 
watches the kids’ ABC morning show, pinkly wrapped 
and silent - while Grandma makes all the right moves 

Observing they are so alike behoves a tacit silence - 
there’s mooted credibility at stake; & if we don’t want 
to break diplomacy of tact and sacrosanct - then it is 
better to be distant but not afar, if you know what I’m 
saying; five years of a day will unravel what equates  
proportional disgrace to an ancient’s lifetime angst 
© 18 January 2016, I. D. Carswell