02 July 2016

Pride Of Prawns

The pride of cooking prawns defines what makes 
the guests your friends; you claim for taste you’d 
peel ‘em anyway, but too many of ‘em breaks the 
golden rule your commonsense acclaims; t’ keep 
the busy hands away from mouth until the shells 
are safely charred or all departed for a burying. 

The discipline it takes is farcical & thin, too easily 
dispelled by fragrant scents you cannot spurn for 
fear there’ll be too few to satisfy th’ likes of you & 
canny epicures who know just when to show; tho’ 
when you choose the time to do the job can ease 
those faithless burdens making much of modesty 

And so today with breakfast on the way & sun at 
least above the arc we’re shelling prawns; that it 
sounds bizarre is doubtlessly our case for baited 
breath retained within an amnesty we’d steal - & 
crashed forlorn into that barbecue we’d planned 
as evening’s grandiose; - our friends reveal they

Don’t eat barbied prawns they have to peel 
© 29 January 2016, I. D. Carswell