30 July 2016


an hour with the phone all but glued in the ear 
comes dearly; all this while dutifully awaiting a 
judgement you’d hear as echoes you knew for 
ever anyway - there’s little in it to ease what is 
a sufferance, and yet it’s a blessed suffrage in 
retrospect; we’ll get this bastard’s drek sorted, 
altho - whether we’ll be out of the woods isn’t 
clear - but we’ll again have the beast working 

we need to survive three tiers of vetting which 
isn’t alleged a trial - yet to get an appointment 
that’s the ordeal y’ must endure; & yet there’s 
a smile in it, a huge technical redress that has 
guaranteed proprietary investment sureties, & 
worth the ignominy of being glued to a phone 

so what is it & where does this lead; our iMac 
did the deed when it failed to find any internet 
activity, a problem with ethernet - thunderbolt 
connect - which they’ll diagnose and correct  
© 10 March 2016, I. D. Carswell