09 July 2016


Not often you efface into it; - yeah, I know it means 
erase - but in this case its JW Blue label - that’s 25
year’s worth of straight thinking, bent somewhat by 
statements who th’ f..k decided it’s taste’s what we 
wanted to grow into regardless, - & there is its free
anomaly, you’re neither a true Scotch drinker or an 
easy-to-come-by looser who’d figuratively pee in a 
better flavoured glass without knowing a real deal

Johnnie Walker blends good scotch whiskeys from 
the rarest and best single malts, that’s what makes 
sense for the tastebuds; - why we’d want to go see 
and try ‘em for ourselves beats me, it is all there in 
the Blue Label less pomp and circumstance; & yet 
you’ll still claim you’ve to efface into it gracefully 
© 14 January 2016, I. D. Carswell