29 July 2016

Unrequited Fate

So, in making the observation, I didn’t wake up a 
tyrant, I am suggesting some-one else did; that’s 
the innuendo I’m being invaded by - and to state
categorically it implies you’re the one disaffected 
denies in your eyes my right to self-defence - it’s 
a non sequitur which doesn’t beat about th’ bush 
isn’t it - an inglorious accusation for which I’m an 
orphan, as well as an on-trial & condemned man 

Well I’m glad for a change we’ve sorted that out; 
it bothered me why all this invective slews about 
nothing but a puny bruise to an overactive ego’s 
intransigence to an unrequited fate imagined for 
a case of apple-cart upset dated to a completely 
unrelated incident in anther time and/or place 
© 25 February 2016, I. D. Carswell