07 August 2016

A Summer Soup

its been a hottie but the sun has now set - 40℃ 
was the ambient yet with little breeze and a late 
appearance of apparently reticent raincloud 

would’ve been great if it had actually soaked up 
some heat - but it didn’t - merely topping up the 
calamitous moisture index a coupla beats; so, 

desiccated we have been almost unobtrusively 
damped down by a fine drizzle passing quietly 
over to the southeast in a thin blanket of cloud

it means humidity guarantees a crude intrusion 
during the evening & night, not an appealing or 
aptly endearing end to this scorching day; we’ll

have to take it as it comes - once again getting 
accustomed to perspiration lathering into sweat 
without the menial effort of its usual physics 

just inert-sitting in an armchair causes dripping - 
ceiling fans stir moist, super-saturated air into a 
pervasively conglomerate soup-thin mix 

not uncomfortable unless being sweated scares 
the epicure into avowal condescending there’s a 
similarity to being slow cooked in the lounge 

yet we survived - and will endure a night rather 
determined in our origins of hell, tho it mightn’t 
be a sinecure deserved - but then - all’s well ... 
©16 February 2016, I. D. Carswell