06 August 2016

White Anted

I remember it’s description white anted whatever 
used to stand for stability; appears its an unseen 
and silent enemy busy gnawing framework within 

silent that is until door crashes to floor, lintel and 
seemingly still intact jambs paper thin & patently 
unable to support an inferred frame’s status quo 

what on earth made it so unstable are words we 
bandy with - & why didn’t we have an actual clue 
first place that was what was really happening 

which is answered in the way we allow our belief 
to later deny it as our instability; the facts say it’s 
a case of seeing what we want - sans the reality 

so the bathroom ceiling caving in from its termite 
predation made sense - but repairs totally failed 
progression beyond its immediate disaster zone 

well, what need’s there to renovate elsewhere if 
it looks okay, they’re mere door jambs & skirting 
boards - along with the window frames; until the

bedroom door literally slumps off the wall with a 
resounding crash on a quiet Sunday morning - 
and so that’s where our calamitous rout began 
© 23 February 2016, I. D. Carswell