08 August 2016

Super Rugby

Then let’s get used to it; the new ‘footy’ season 
kicks off within the week, six days to be correct 
and we’re talking four different time zones; NZ 
the Rugby sun rises its earliest - although then 
progressing eastward, eventually to Argentina - 
but in-between we’re throwing in Australia, with 
a Japan sojourn, before nominal South African 
and then toute suite, Sth American Continents 

Yeah, it’s Super Rugby in a 2016 disguise we’ll 
need to learn the scope of - if we’ve the time to 
surmise we’ll ever understand how, or why, the 
18 teams need to play a separate conferences 
argument for Argentina and Japan - or am I too 
numb to see the pecuniary benefits that apply 
© 20 February 2016, I. D. Carswell