05 August 2016

Just In Case

I know I shouldn’t be amazed - the past has always 
had time-honoured agencies for recapturing debt of 
attention; today it’s the old adage that guilt makes it 
itch before the first scratch - the contention being in 
whether we’ve latched the door & left the phone off
the hook or were diligently matching expectation of 
there being nothing dramatically amiss, & the irony 
is we reconstructed a worst case - a just-in-case 

So we’re playing a classical fool ensuring everyone 
is in on the game; - if there’s a reason for voicemail 
from missed phone-calls being topics of phonemail 
conversations where we still haven’t worked out its 
subject or who’s erred and over what; so what - the 
duty is living up to expectations, okay! 
©17 February 2016, I. D. Carswell