11 August 2016

Cautions Aired

You bless pedantry well, there’s an almost efficacious 
innocence expressed where the drums roll - but what 
the Hell, you probably don’t hear ‘em anyway; beat of 
tympani are melodramatically extraneous, if you’re its 
reason for being you don’t need it as counterpoint, so 
I’ll be more precise and laugh on key; there, does the 
infraction fade in a beatific choral of sweetly stressed 
and angelic accompaniment which you’d rather hear 

But I digress again - there is every likelihood you are 
actually unaware whose feet were where you trod or 
whether there was even solid ground near - ‘tho fear 
not, it doesn’t matter anyway; the damage’s repaired 
with similar discretion expressed, less cautions aired 
about said infringement of any inherent copyright 
© 9 February 2016, I. D. Carswell